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response from his critics. white house correspondent wendell goler takes a fair and balanced look. >> reporter: two weeks after house republican leader john boehner called on the president to fire his whole economic team, mr. obama went to the minority leader backyard to deliver a personal rebuttal. >> there were no new policies for mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. there was just the same philosophy that we had already tried during the decades that they were in power. >> in his august 24 speech, boehner said the worst the economy gets the more the president defends the indefensible. president obama today defended his refusal to extend the tax cuts for families making more than $250,000 a year. >> this isn't to punish folks who are better off. god bless 'em. it's because we can't afford the $700 billion price tag. >> boehner today says the best way to restore confidence in the economy is to cut government spending. >> why don't we pass a bill this month at 2008 spending levels, you know, before the tarp, before the bail-out, before the stimulus and let's put some certainty in
wendell goler is live on the north lawn this evening. wendell, apparently the word stimulus has become an issue and really it has been for a while. >> bad word, frankly, since the 800 billion-dollar american recovery act failed to keep unemployment below 8% as officials here had promised. now, the president says that's because the recession was deeper than anyone thought. he said the stimulus bill actually worked because, without it, things would have been worse. >> i have no problem with people saying the president is trying to stimulate growth in hiring. isn't that what i should be doing. >> still, no one here at the white house is calling the new round of stimulus spending the president wants stimulus 2. shepard? >> shepard: you know, and the president also renewing his call for the extension of the bush era tax cuts. especially in this case for middle class americans. give us the details. >> there you are right. just the tax cuts for people making less than $250,000 a year which has put him at odds with republicans who say that will mean a tax increase for small businesses that cle
to avoid a fight. white house correspondent wendell goler reports tonight while the president will bring his choice on board. she will be shaping a new government office instead of running it. >> in the end, there was less question about whether elizabeth warren would oversee the new consumer financial protection bureau than how the president would arrange it. he made clear she's been his choice from the start. >> the idea for the agency was elizabeth warner, she's been a dear friend of mine, somebody i've known since law school and i've been in conversations with her. >> reporter: sources say warren will be be assistant to the president and advisor to treasury secretary geithner and writes the rules governing credit cards, and the move frufs, this is a disingenuous effort to circumvent the senate confirmation process and i oppose it. >> reporter: this senator says it's a pattern. >> creating czars and czarinas unaccountable. last time i checked there are three dozen of them. >> reporter: warren's scolding of banks during the crisis, and push to raise taxes,out of here expertise, bank
. bret? >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. letting even some of the bush era tax cuts expire in a tough economic situation may add revenue to the government coffers, but at what cost? correspondent shannon bream talked to some small business owners. >> the question is do we have $700 billion to pay for additional tax cuts for people at the very top? >> reporter: that is how much president obama and his aides say it would cost to extent bush tax cut for america's top earners. but if congress doesn't intervene and president succeeds allowing the cuts to expire, many small business owners who file the personal business on the taxes say they can't afford the fall out. up to 4.6% jump in the tax rate at a time many are struggling. >> we're definitely not hiring. >> reporter: michael carusso vice president of the family floral business that served washington for a century says the company can't afford the hire new employees an he's worried that won't change anytime soon. >> things are expensive. all your costs are going up. they bring the taxes back, then you are going
shakeup or not? >> shepard: it's not a political decision, but a personal one as well. wendell goler is at the white house. personal mean familying. >> all about family. rahm emanuel just moved his family here at the start of the school year, which meant taking his kids out of the schools they attended since he was a member of congress and if he decides to run for mayor of chicago, he'll have to move them back. he'll probably also have to find another house since his renters reportedly refusing to move right now. over the past week or so, he has met with several members of congress from chicago who are also considering runs for mayor, including jesse jackson, junior, mike quigley, danny davis, quigley was elected to the seat that rahm emanuel vacated. the message in all of the meetings was if we decide to run against one another, let's keep it on the up and up and let's not let it get ugly. >> shepard: if he goes, they have to replace him. what's the talk of who that might be? >> the betting is on one of the senior white house advisors, peter rouse, to take over as interim chief of s
house correspondent wendell goler takes a fair and balanced look. >> reporter: with the fall election approaching, president obama is using campaign style event to offer economic compromise his aides doubt republicans will accept. >> we understand what season we have entered in washington. we know congress won't be here for a lot of time. >> what he began monday in milwaukee will continue in cleveland. he laid out billions of dollars in tax break and infrastructure spending that he predicts the republicans may oppose to score political points. if the proposals fail, he says, the winners would be the special interest he's opposed. >> they talk about me like a dog. [ applause ] that is not in my prepared remarks. >> the proposal include permanent extension of the research and development tax credit and year of tax free capital investment to encourage new business construction and equipment purchases and provide jobs for hard-hit manufacturering and construction workers. house minority leader john boehner say they're not bad proposals but they miss the big picture. excessive spending and
. as white house correspondent wendell goler reports they also slapped around the opposition. >> reporter: after a meeting at the white house, democratic congressional leaders declared the past two years a success because republicans didn't produce gridlock. >> that has been their objective in the house and senate. what was the result? they failed. >> reporter: house republican leader john boehner said the 111 congress was not colluding as collapsing. >> instead of tallying up a time flurry of legislative output, observers and constituents ask what went wrong? >> reporter: the democrats' tally had last year's recovery act and this year's regulatory reform. republicans focussed on the failure to continue the tax cuts which has been put off until the lame duck session after the elections. >> even with the clear bipartisan majority and the support of the american people we could not get a single up or down vote. >> boehner says congress is broken. white house agrees. >> the system up there is really broken. >> reporter: boehner blames more parties but democrats blame boehner. >> he has taken
headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. we have fox team coverage for you. wendell goler is a the white house. ericaw shawn fm ground zer (bell rings). >> rick: we begin at ground zero where hundreds of mourners gathered to remember those who died in the attacks on the world trade center. eric shawn joining us now. an emotion day for so many nine years later. >> it may have been nine years, but today at some points it didn't seem as if a second had gone by. a second when islamic radical terrorists targeted america. members andmily officials and many others gathered here once again for the eighth time at ground zero to remember, to honor,or tey gathered orrow and in grief to pay tribute to those who were killed here. they brought signs and flowers, as well as roses that they placed in the reflective pools and american flags. yet again they recited the names of all the victims, 2752 who were killed byqa al-qaeda, including 343 new york city firefighters. there was no direct mention during the ceremonies ofhe controversy involving the islamic center proposal a few blocks from here. during the c
another stimulus. white house correspondent wendell goler takes a fair and balanced look. >> reporter: in milwaukee, wisconsin, president obama launched a week of events focussed on the economy, unveiling a six-year plan to revamp the nation transportation system. >> we are going to rebuild 150,000 miles of our roads, enough to circle the world six times. that is a lot of roads. we'll lay and maintain 4,000 miles of the railways. enough to stretch coast-to-coast. we're going to restore 150 miles of runways. >> reporter: the goal is not just infrastructure rebuilding, it's creating jobs the recovery lacks. though the president said it would create jobs immediately, aides can concede they won't be created before next year and maybe late in the year. labor secretary hilda solis says it will help those particularly hard hit by recession. >> welders, engineers and folks that have been unemployed for a long time. >> republicans called it another stimulus program. >> they are just flailing around. >> senator john mccain says extending the bush administration tax cuts is a better idea. >> let
john boehner released a quote that reads: >> shepard: wendell goler with the news live tonight at the white house. wendell, the polls show that people are unhappy with the white house policies and in congress it looks like the president could have a very rough fight ahead. >> shep, white house press secretary robert gibbs says everyone here knows that washington has entered a political season and that it will be difficult to get congress to agree on anything. now, republicans think this series of proposals the president is unveiling this week are designed really to look good on the campaign trail. but robert gibbs denies it. >> this is about long-term economic growth. this isn't about the next 60 days or the next 90 days. this is about how do we get our economy fully back on track. how do we get the millions that want to work back to work? >> still, it will be hard to get lawmakers' attention. they won't be in town much over the next couple of months. most of that time they will be focused on re-election, shepard. >> shepard: wendell, the white house is not calling this a secon
think, we did get some encouraging economic news today. wendell goler with that live at the white house. wendell, good news on jobs. >> all about jobs, shepard. the decline in people filing for unemployment fell much more than expected last week. the decline in first-time filings 27,000. a welcome sign that the slowing economy hasn't caused an uptick in layoffs. and the trade deficit fell in july. some economists think it is holding back the recovery but there are still too many people out of work and in an interview the president said if the fall elections are a referendum on satisfaction with the economy, democrats are likely to do poorly, shepard? >> shepard: the battle over the bush tax cuts ramped up again today too, huh? >> republicans want to extend all the bush administration's tax cuts. the president wants to let them expire for families making more than $250,000 a year. treasury secretary said today the country can't afford to extend all of the tax cuts, those for the higher income people and wouldn't get enough for doing so. >> it's not going to do much for growth. it's not g
the president sway swing voters in the mid terms? wendell goler will have the latest on that strategy. >>> and have you heard about this sky? cody brown, the newest breakout reality television star, butsy getting a whole lot more attention than perhaps he wanted as the star of helicopter sister wives" on tlc, he has four, count them, four, spouses, some 13 kids, and he is flaunting a polygamist lifestyle. >> my name is cody brown and you've got to meet my family. i'm a polygamist, but we're not the polygamists you think you know. i have three awesome wives, mary, janelle, and christie. >> gregg: he's since add add fourth. will authorizes prosecute him? should they? we'll debate it. jen let's take a live look at demoines, iowa, president obama now trying to fire up the democratic base ahead of the midterm elections. there he is. so he's hitting the suburbs to meet constituents, face to face. wendell goler is live at the white house with this story, wendell. >> reporter: jenna, the president is holding back yard event necessary demoines and richmond, virginia today which are not suburbs
businesses is help the economy in general. wendell goler at the white house tonight. tell us more about what is in the bill that the president signed today. >> reporter: the bill contains eight small business tax cut or credit designed to go into effect immediately to encourage owners not to wait until next year to hire new workers or invest in new plants or equipment or expand healthcare coverage for workers. it also contains a pot of money for government loan subsidiaries allowing president to give good news to 1400 people waiting for small business administration loan approval. >> these are people ready to hire and expand and approved by their banks. well, when i sign this bill, the wait will be over. [ applause ] >> reporter: the president says the checks will go out in a matter of weeks and hopefully the small business owners will start expansion afterwards. >> shepard: again, republicans focussing on tax breaks and letting the bush era tax cuts expire, they say is not a good idea. >> reporter: the logic, republicans say, for extending the tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 a
against. white house correspondent wendell goler shows us. >> reporter: des moines, iowa, president obama struggled to convince a small businessman, his anti-business rap is a bad one. >> as the government gets more and more involved in business and gets more involved in taxes, pay for a lot of programs. what you find is you are strangling the job creation vehicles. >> your taxes haven't gone up in this administration. your taxes have gone down in this administration. >> the backyard discussion with voters was his second in as many days and it also brought him face to face with his fears of a small voter turnout among young people this fall. >> they are losing their hope. which was a message that you inspired them with. >> the night before at the university of wisconsin, mr. obama warned his largest crowd since the inauguration not to sit out the mid-terms. >> we need you to commit to vote. we need you to pledge to vote. we need you to knock on doors. >> reporter: as must have as he needs to reignite enthusiasm among young people to keep democrats from losing the house and senate this fal
, congress is then -- in a state of emergency. wendell goler live on the top story at the bottom of the hour, what do democrats have to say about that? >> reporter: well, to be fair, shep, both sides think the system is broken and democrats see achievements in the stimulus bill and health care reform, and financial regulatory reform, and, house democratic whip steny hoyer says the success has been in keeping republicans from producing gridlock, now, house republican leader john boehner says all the democrats really have done is grow the size of government, and today he proposed a rule to stop that. >> if your intention is to create a new government program, you must also terminate or reduce any existing program, of equal or greater size. >> reporter: the white house pointed out today, republicans don't want to apply that rule, to the upper level bush administration income tax cuts. >> shepard: what is the thinking of what will happen to those tax cuts. >> that will be the main order of business in a lame duck session after the november 2nd elections, but the white house expects a fight, noti
new jobs. the republicans are saying it's just a little too late. wendell goler, live at the white house, with more on this. wendell, what can you tell us about the latest economic proposal? >> jenna, it's a tax break that would let businesses write off the entire cost of new capital investments, that's land, pw-g and machineries, through the end of next year. now, the idea is to get businesses to make some of these big ticket purchases that may have -- they may have been putting off and that may mean more business for manufacturers, for construction workers, and give a boost to real estate values as well. it's one of several proposals the president is laying out this week in a couple of campaign-style appearances. yesterday it was milwaukee, tomorrow, it's ohio. the proposals amount to a scaled down version of the second stimulus package, though only republicans are calling it that. yesterday, it was a $50 billion plan to rebuild roads, railways, and airports. tomorrow, $100 billion extension of the research and development tax credit. all of this aimed at stimulating job growth a
control over territory in the volatile eastern part of that nation. wendell goler is live for us at the white house. so what's the latest, wendell, on afghanistan there? >> reporter: jon, the president gets a briefing of the situation in afghanistan every morning as part of his daily national security briefing, but at least once a month, he gathers together his entire national security team, the secretary of defense and state, national security adviser, along with the ambassadors to afghanistan and pakistan, and general david petraeus, u.s. commander of forces in the field and others, either here at the white house or other end of the video telecom ference -- telecom ference and they talk about congress and the upcoming issues and top plans today for plans for parliamentary elections in afghanistan next weekend. afghan president hamid karzai says his country's troops are completely ready to handle security for the upcoming elections. the president will want general petraeus' assessment of that. depending upon how well the afghan troops handle security, that will be seen as a test
. and yesterday's news conference at the white house, fox's wendell goler asked president obama about that. here is the president addressing it in part about the ongoing debate i lower manhattan.y from friday afternoon. >> if you could build a church on a site. if you could o build a synagogue on a site. if you could build hindu temple on a site, then you le to build a mosque on the site. i recognize the extraordinary sensitivities around 9/11, but i go back to what i said earlier. we are not at war against islam. >> this topic today is unavoidable. byron york is fox ns contributor, chief political correspondent of "washington examiner." there was a lot said about this. did we move the ball? it appears as if that the white house is --he president is pretty set in stone on his opinion. so if anyone is going to encourage the imam rom moving the mosque, it will not come from washington. it will have to come from an outside source. how did you evaluate the answer from yesterday? >> you are right. it's not the president. what is interesting is there in widespread agreement for sides of the controvers
of mr. obama's handling of the economy, 56 percent-39 percent. wendell goler is amplify on all of this, he's live at the white house. >> reporter: the figure is headed in the right direction but it's not enough to make folks celebrate. there's a celebration over the construction work, anyway. the white house doesn't usually comment on polls but officials are pleased that the drop in unemployment filings was larger than expected and layoffs haven't increased despite the fact that the economy has slowed. now, his aide believes the president's poll numbers reflect the frustration with the recession itself as much as the president's handling of it, which is why the president went to a cleveland suburb yesterday and called out house speaker -- house minority leader john boehner by name after boehner called on the president to sack his entire economic team. if republicans want to make the fall elections a referendum on the president, he wants to remind voters that boehner would likely become speaker of the house if democrats lose control. mr. obama accused republicans of demanding the bush a
voters. we begin with wendell goler on the latest efforts to overcome what's being called the enthusiasm gap. >> in a back yard economy discussion in albuquerque, president obama showed a glimpse of frustration in the fall elections. >> that's choices are going to mean something and you've got to ask yourself what direction do i want this country to go in. >> across the country at penn state university, vice-president biden was all, but apologizing for expressing his feelings more openly. >> yesterday, i was up in new hampshire and i was talking to a bunch of folks and i did say that i was tired about some of the whining coming from our supporters. and i got roundly criticized today. >> with biden asserting people would decide later than usual who to vote for in mid term elections, the president headed from new mexico to the university of wisconsin aiming to rally the young voters who made such a difference in 2008 to vote for democrat congressional candidates this fall, but experts say the numbers are against them. >> you'd expect the falloff in younger voters, but we're seeing a very s
house correspondent wendell goler is on the economic beat tonight. >> reporter: a larger than expected decline in people filing unemployment claims last week and a welcome drop in the trade deficit in july eased fears the countries could be slipping back in recession, but there was no celebration at the white house. instead aides commended the president's refusal to extend all bush administration tax cuts including throws for the well-to-do. >> i'm saying that we cannot afford 700 million dollars in tax cuts for millionaires, yes, for billionaires, for multi-billionaires. >> reporter: the president wants to extend the cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year, but republicans say not extending all the cuts would mean a tax hike for hundreds of thousands of small businesses, which would likely hold down their hiring, and some economists believe the recovery is not strong enough yet to stand it. >> it looks like layoffs or slowing a bit, but we're really not seeing the pickup in hiring we need to see a strong economy. we're just not there yet. >> reporter: a half dozen house d
from washington fox news chief .olitical reporter carl cameron and wendell goler. wendell, on a related topic you asked the president this. >> i wonder if i can get to you weigh in on theisdom of building a mosque a couple of blocks from ground zero. >> i think i have beenretty position here. and that is is that this country stands for the proposition a tht all men and women are created equal. >> bill: all right, goler. i think he dodged. he is not -- he said he wasn't going to weigh in on the wisdom and he is just not. is he going to fall back on the rights deal. is that the way you heard it? >> well, not really, bill. sometimes it's better to try and tee up a a president than to try to trip him up. i think later on in his responses the president got more and more emotional, he, actually actually saying the words build it, he made pretty clear that he thinks it would be wise to theally go ahead and build mosque. the president said there would be no debate if this was a church or a synagogue or a hindu temple we were talking about. he said if we're gonna convince the muslim world that i
that reads in part: >> harris: of course, president obama will need support from congress. wendell goler with the news live at the white house tonight wendell, good to see you. >> harris, if they want congress to go along, the president and his aids might want to get on the same page about when these jobs would be created. he says immediately. his aids say we won't see the jobs until next year or maybe late next year. the president is still trying to generate the jobs the stimulus program has come up short on. jobs return to republican control will not create. >> that's not how america was built. it wasn't built with a bunch of folks at the top doing well and everybody else scrambling. we didn't become the most prosperous country in the world just by rewarding greed and recklessness. >> republicans call the road and rail rebuilding plan another stimulus program, suggesting stimulus has become a bad word, as even the white house admits it hasn't delivered the jobs that were promised. meanwhile -- labor statistics show most organized labor workers are public sector works like teachers and
this fall, boehner will become the speaker. >> wendell goler live at the white house tonight. thanks. wow, today, the heavens opened over texas and created flooding on the ground like they haven't seen in years. it all came from the remnants of tropical storm hermine creating a fatal flood disaster. authorities report high waters have already killed two people as they continue to search for others lost in the swamps. this is the scene in texas where the water swept a 49-year-old man from his truck and he died. the mayor of belton, texas, a town just north of austin declaring a state of emergency and issuing a mandatory evacuation order. in dallas, high waters leaving cars and people stranded. in arlington, lower left there, waters rushed past the roller coaster tracks at a six flags and not far from there, fire officials rescued people from rooftops. what a day across texas and our meteorologist has been watching it all. what's the latest on the flooding, rick? >> well, i'll tell you what, the rivers are still going to rise. going to take a while for all the water to funnel through befor
ago. not nearly enough, though, to ease concerns. wendell goler, live at the white house, with more on that. wendell. >> reporter: you're right, the number of people filing for unemployment benefits fell by 3000, which is the right direction but not nearly enough. the number of people actually receiving benefits last week fell by 84,000. and since people are receiving extended jobless benefits these days, that means folks have been out of work for a long time. the 450,000 figure sounds like a lot, but it's actually only about 50,000 more than filed for unemployment benefits every week in a healthy economy. the problem is, this economy isn't creating jobs nearly fast enough. only about 67,000 in the private sector over the past month. now, the president just wrapped up a meeting with his export council which is looking for a way to double u.s. exports over the next five years. more than half of the growth we've seen in the economy over the past year has been due to increased exports, and mr. obama says continuing that is a part of what's needed to lay the foundation for long term eco
into the twin towers, then moved on to a solemn wreath laying at the pentagon. wendell goler live at the me.e house with >> the 51 minutes between the time american airlines flight 11 tower ofnto the northnt t the world trade center and the time american flight 77 crashed into the pentagon, cover the wot foreign attack in u.s. hestory, of course, in theot middle, another plane we into the south tower. he started with moment of silence and the time of the pentagon crash by placing a wreath there. he said the highest honor we can pay the 3,000 lives we lost that day is alsour greatest weapon against al-qaeda. >> stay true to who we are as americans, to renew our sense of common purpose, to say that we define the character of our country and we will n let the acts of some small band of murderers who slaughter the innocent and cower in caves distort w tho we are. >> the president didn't specifically mention the controversy over plans to build a mosque near ground zero or the now canceled plans by a florida preach tore burn copies of the koran, but heaid americans arene not now and never will be
politics into the classroom this year, a big difference, coming from a different crowd, wendell goler is live from philadelphia. good morning, wendal. >> reporter: good morning, bill, the continues various, left a political fight and a family feud and last year's back-to-school speech was caught in the toxic battle of health care reform, in part because of a poorly written lesson plan released in advance suggesting kids would be asked to write about how they could help the president achieve his goals and that led parents to say their kids were being socialized and, didn't want them to watch the televised broadcast of the speech and the white house released a copy of the speech in advance, and there was nothing political in it, and the lesson plan was changed to how the kids would achieve their own goals, and this year, once again the white house has released the speech in advance and there. martha: agai-- is nothing polit in it and, he'll say your fiech is in your hands and your life is what you make of it and nothing is beyond your reach, so long as you are willing to dream big and w
' unions are the ones crying foul. wendell goler is live in the city of brotherly love. what are the teachers complaining about. >> reporter: the concern is whether the president's push for education reform and higher teacher standards has compromised his support for teachers themselves, in particular a 4 billion-dollar federal program that teachers' union officials say encourages failing schools to fire all their teachers to qualify for federal aid. many states have gone that route. the hefd the national education association says that's an approach where no one wins especially the students. the president said after the rhode island firings, if a school continues to fail its students year after year there's got to be accountability. the teachers' union prefer a transformational model where teachers work in collaboration with administrators. the unions didn't invite the president to address the annual convention this summer which he had done twice as a candidate. one union member said he ways afraid mr. obama would be heckled. jon: is he going to address that issue today? >>
the consumer protection bureau. she's not going to have an official title. wendell goler live at the white house. wendell? >> brian, elizabeth warren was the president's first choice to run the consumer financial protection agency. he says the agency was her idea in the first place which she would have drawn a huge confirmation fight and, perhaps, for that reason, if not others, officials say privately, she didn't want the job. warren served as the congressional representative on the tarp oversight panel. she sharply criticized banks for causing the economic meltdown, push to increase their capitalization requirements. republicans say she was out of her area of expertise which is bankruptcy and they still see the job that the president has given her which is setting up the agency that will set the rules for credit cards, consumer loans and mortgages as being an end run, a way to bypass congress. >> this is like the czar of all czars. and so let's just talk about process, the fact is this person, the process is being circumvented because the president knows that this person could not be c
. >> it was from the show. >> brian: who gave you the vcr? >> peter: wendell goler has one. >> let me rewind it. hold on. >> peter: this morning house republican leader john boehner made news on what he wants to do about the economy. what is he saying? >> it's important to note that the president is going to cleveland to directly go after john boehner. so boehner says he wants to freeze spending two previous levels and he would like to freeze taxes to give people a little consistency. here is mr. boehner. >> why don't we pass a bill this month at 2008 spending levels, before the tarp, before the bailouts, before the stimulus, and let's put some certainty in the economy. that in and of itself would save about $100 billion this year alone. secondly, why wouldn't we work together to make it clear that all current tax rates will be extended for the next two years. >> the obama white house tried to say the republicans are the party of no. there is mr. boehner laying out his ideas for moving the economy forward, guys. >> gretchen: mike, thanks very much for that preview. let's continue our discussion
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